60s goodness

Pyrex 'Sunburst' flask, Bessemer printed plate, 60sBessemer plate, made in Australia 1965-70
Pyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug, made in USA 1960s

This is Pyrex at its best- a jug modelled on a laboratory flask with an ‘atomic’ sunburst pattern in gold. The stopper is graduated plastic, in good old yellow plastic. The jug has a pouring lip, two litre capacity and being Pyrex, is good for hot and cold liquids. Pyrex is very collectible – and the jug is in excellent condition. And –it makes a terrific vase when it’s not serving hot and cold liquids.

The Bessemer plate is likewise very collectable. It is one of a series of six, designed by A. Wiederkehr – and is culturalyl important enough to be in the Powerhouse Museum collection. I would have loved to have collected all six- but alas- after so long hunting I have only found this one ‘in the wild’ [as collectors say.] I have found plenty of plates, of all the patterns – but they are invariably so scratched from use that I rejected purchasing.

If you are a Pyrex collector [and there are quite a few!] or a Bessemer collector, please check out the other items on my blog. I am a big fan of early 60s industrial designers – and Pyrex and Bessemer tick all the boxes!

The flask and plate are in excellent vintage condition, and are for sale: $AU45

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Pyrex Agee [sold]

Pyrex Agee 3" condiment bowlsPyrex Agee ‘Coloured Pyrex’ 3” bowls
made in Australia 1952-1959.

How collectable is Pyrex right now? Crazy collectable, that’s how! I had been quietly collecting the ‘Coloured Pyrex’ series for a while: I like the harlequin colours, the stackability and use in the kitchen. They come in three sizes [3”, 5” and 7”] and six colours. I had an oversupply of green 3” condiment bowls so posted them for sale. They were quite literally- snapped up.

The ‘Agee’ was Pyrex manufactured in Australia. These 3” condiment bowls are stamped “PR 234, Agee Pyrex, Made in Australia” on the base. And that’s another thing to look for: Pyrex colours that have deteriorated after being in a dishwasher- or a Pyrex bowl that has done heavy duty and has colour worn from the base. The interior of the Agee is glass; the colour is applied to the exterior, so it’s food grade – and so if any wear happens, it happens to the exterior base.

These beauties are in excellent condition, with no wear. And a fantastic green to boot.

This set of 3 green condiment bowls sold for $AU25

70s goodness

Crown Lyn 'Egmont' plates and Pyrex pie funnelsCrown Lynn ‘Egmont’ plates, made in New Zealand, 1970s
Pyrex glass pie funnels, made in Australia, 1970s

70s patterned plates are having a huge revival at the moment – and I must say I am aiding and abetting this revival.

Crown Lyn produced fantastic funky patterns like these two side plates ‘Egmont’ [pattern # 126] in the 70s; they were exported the world over. The terrific thing about 70s plates is that they made it into the era of dishwashers – so- as these plates attest- they have ‘Permanent detergent proof colours.’ No need to hand wash these vintage plates.

Pyrex too is uber collectible- here we have three Pyrex Agee pie funnels : they are impressed Agee and in good working order. Pie funnels are also very collectible – so this little collection will appeal to two types of collectors.

Unusually, I am offering the plates and Pyrex funnels for sale separately- but of course if you would like both we can sort out a favourable deal.

The Crown Lyn plates are: $AUD30 and the Pyrex pie funnels are: $AUD30

Pyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug

Pyrex 'Sunburst' flask jugPyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug, made in USA 1960s
Bar Scene tray, made in USA 1960s

This is Pyrex at its best- a jug modelled on a laboratory flask with an ‘atomic’ sunburst pattern in gold. The stopper is graduated plastic, in good old yellow plastic. The jug has a pouring lip, two litre capacity and being Pyrex, is good for hot and cold liquids. Pyrex is very collectible – and the jug is in excellent condition. And –it makes a terrific vase when it’s not serving hot and cold liquids.

The tray also hails from America, and has a photographic image of a traditional bar of the 60s. You know the one – all dark wood, rows and rows of liquor in the background – and on the bar- a bowl of fruit. The tray is made of compressed fibreboard, making it light- and has integral handles which are plastic wire wrapped. I have collected several of these trays from the 60s- the photographs are invariably touched-up and are unintendedly quite funny.

The Pyrex jug and tray are for sale: $AUD60

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Collectible Pyrex [sold]

Pyrex flannel flowerAgee Pyrex ‘Flannel Flower’
made in Australia 1961-63

A beautiful Pyrex ‘Flannel Flower’ dish in buttercup; I can hear the Pyrex collectors in a collective swoon. The piece is sectioned into two, and is marked ‘Agee Pyrex Australia, 0-ODD-200 4’ on the base.

Flannel Flower is the New South Wales emblem: and astute readers will remember that I love and collect anything with flannel flower motifs. So- it was a no-brainer when I came across this piece.

Like most Pyrex patterns, the Flannel Flower was produced on a limited run of only two years- between 1961 and 1963. It’s getting rarer and rarer to find these pieces in good condition and this piece is in excellent condition.

I’ve styled the dish with some wattle- love the matching colours; and the Pyrex is for sale: $AUD40

70s Pyrex glasses

Pyrex punch glassesPyrex punch glasses
made in England, 1970s

Pyrex collectors and punch drinkers will swoon at this collection: ‘pop-out’ glasses in plastic cups. I’ve collected this set in greens and yellows; they also come in reds and oranges – all very 70s.

The four olive green glasses are larger than the rest, and have a rounder cut-out to the plastic cup; this is very much a mix and match set but I prefer it to all the same colour and form which is too matchy-matchy.

Perfect for the Christmas punch or indeed the retro parties of the new year, this set is for sale: $AUD75

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Pyrex #60sstyle

Pyrex Stack 'N' Store canistersPyrex Stack ‘N’ See canisters
made in USA 1968-1972

I collected each of these containers individually, although back in the day they could be purchased in sets of four. The containers came in three colours: Avocado, Yellow and White and then in the early 70s a fantastic fake woodgrain was introduced.

The Stack ‘N’ See kitchen canisters were called Store ‘N’ See in America: why the name change here is anybody’s guess. In this collection of eleven canisters there are three 6oz, five 16oz, two 32oz and the large one is 48oz.

Transparent canisters are fantastic in the kitchen; you can see exactly what you’re storing, and each of the Pyrex canisters has a silicon sealing ring for air-tightness. Or – do as I do- store your vintage sewing notions in them. The stackability is a great design; the canisters take up minimal space and those funky 60s lids lend a great 60s vibe to any space.

The Stack ‘N’ See collection is for sale: $AUD125

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Collectible Pyrex

Pyrex pie dishesPyrex pie dishes
made in Australia c1960s

Following on from my last Pyrex post, here’s Trish’s Pyrex collection- coloured pie dishes made in the 60s. The pie dishes came in a vast rainbow of colours that co-ordinated with other kitchen items- condiment dishes and mixing bowls and the like. Trish has kept her collection to yellow, orange, red which works well in our contemporary kitchen.

The tempered glass is still fantastic for cooking pies: we favour meat pies and lemon meringue tarts…they cook quickly and evenly and the dish is a dream to wash up afterwards. The pie dishes come in four standard sizes and so nest when not in use; you gotta love vintage that still functions as intended and also looks good.

The only downside is they are not dishwasher proof; you do see a lot of ruined Pyrex dishes around- the colour does not stand up to the harsh detergent abrasives and becomes mottled and washed out in tone.


60s Pyrex

Pyrex canistersPyrex ‘Stack & See’ canisters
made in USA, c.1968

I use these canisters- with their funky 60s colours – to store my retro sewing collection. Any sort of see-through canister is great for re-use – as is stackability – a great 60s invention. These Pyrex canisters came in 4 different sizes- the largest is shown here.

You can collect the canisters in the colour-ways; green, yellow, orange, red or blue: make sure the sealing ring is intact; and that the Pyrex motif is on the base- there are a few fake imitations around. They don’t make them like they used to.

60s kitchenalia

Pyrex coffee server & Smiths Ringer kitchen timerPyrex coffee serving flask, made in Britain c. 1960s
Smiths Ringer kitchen timber, made in Britain c.1960s

Pyrex made coffee percolators- and as see here- coffee serving flasks in Britain, America and Australia in the 60s. Every household had a percolator- which were quite functional in form and styling- and it was only the fancy-pants households that had the more decorative serving flask.

This serving flask is such a product of the 60s- the handle and knob and bakelite, the large chrome band is off-set by the fake timber laminate on the lid. The glass is decorated with a subtle white abstract design: this is a flask that is straddling early and later mid-century modern design ideals.

The kitchen timer [a Smiths Ringer, British made 1960s] is also made of bakelite. This ringer is all precise functionality- two toned- and the bell still works a treat [have not tested it for timing accuracy- may be slightly less than accurate since it’s over fifty years old.] I have featured Smiths Ringers on the blog before- I am somewhat partial to them.

For the retro kitchen- the Pyrex serving flask and kitchen timer are for sale: $AUD75

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