Pyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug

Pyrex 'Sunburst' flask jugPyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug, made in USA 1960s
Bar Scene tray, made in USA 1960s

This is Pyrex at its best- a jug modelled on a laboratory flask with an ‘atomic’ sunburst pattern in gold. The stopper is graduated plastic, in good old yellow plastic. The jug has a pouring lip, two litre capacity and being Pyrex, is good for hot and cold liquids. Pyrex is very collectible – and the jug is in excellent condition. And –it makes a terrific vase when it’s not serving hot and cold liquids.

The tray also hails from America, and has a photographic image of a traditional bar of the 60s. You know the one – all dark wood, rows and rows of liquor in the background – and on the bar- a bowl of fruit. The tray is made of compressed fibreboard, making it light- and has integral handles which are plastic wire wrapped. I have collected several of these trays from the 60s- the photographs are invariably touched-up and are unintendedly quite funny.

The Pyrex jug and tray are for sale: $AUD60

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