Collectible Pyrex [sold]

Pyrex flannel flowerAgee Pyrex ‘Flannel Flower’
made in Australia 1961-63

A beautiful Pyrex ‘Flannel Flower’ dish in buttercup; I can hear the Pyrex collectors in a collective swoon. The piece is sectioned into two, and is marked ‘Agee Pyrex Australia, 0-ODD-200 4’ on the base.

Flannel Flower is the New South Wales emblem: and astute readers will remember that I love and collect anything with flannel flower motifs. So- it was a no-brainer when I came across this piece.

Like most Pyrex patterns, the Flannel Flower was produced on a limited run of only two years- between 1961 and 1963. It’s getting rarer and rarer to find these pieces in good condition and this piece is in excellent condition.

I’ve styled the dish with some wattle- love the matching colours; and the Pyrex is for sale: $AUD40

9 thoughts on “Collectible Pyrex [sold]

  1. Did these sometimes come with a “basket” base? I remember that at my mother’s.
    Great blog, really enjoy your info and photos.

    • hi Dana- yes, the basket bases were interchangeable for all the Pyrex dishes of this shape- it’s interesting that you remember your mothers. and thanks for your most kind complement!

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