Pyrex Agee [sold]

Pyrex Agee 3" condiment bowlsPyrex Agee ‘Coloured Pyrex’ 3” bowls
made in Australia 1952-1959.

How collectable is Pyrex right now? Crazy collectable, that’s how! I had been quietly collecting the ‘Coloured Pyrex’ series for a while: I like the harlequin colours, the stackability and use in the kitchen. They come in three sizes [3”, 5” and 7”] and six colours. I had an oversupply of green 3” condiment bowls so posted them for sale. They were quite literally- snapped up.

The ‘Agee’ was Pyrex manufactured in Australia. These 3” condiment bowls are stamped “PR 234, Agee Pyrex, Made in Australia” on the base. And that’s another thing to look for: Pyrex colours that have deteriorated after being in a dishwasher- or a Pyrex bowl that has done heavy duty and has colour worn from the base. The interior of the Agee is glass; the colour is applied to the exterior, so it’s food grade – and so if any wear happens, it happens to the exterior base.

These beauties are in excellent condition, with no wear. And a fantastic green to boot.

This set of 3 green condiment bowls sold for $AU25

70s goodness

Crown Lyn 'Egmont' plates and Pyrex pie funnelsCrown Lynn ‘Egmont’ plates, made in New Zealand, 1970s
Pyrex glass pie funnels, made in Australia, 1970s

70s patterned plates are having a huge revival at the moment – and I must say I am aiding and abetting this revival.

Crown Lyn produced fantastic funky patterns like these two side plates ‘Egmont’ [pattern # 126] in the 70s; they were exported the world over. The terrific thing about 70s plates is that they made it into the era of dishwashers – so- as these plates attest- they have ‘Permanent detergent proof colours.’ No need to hand wash these vintage plates.

Pyrex too is uber collectible- here we have three Pyrex Agee pie funnels : they are impressed Agee and in good working order. Pie funnels are also very collectible – so this little collection will appeal to two types of collectors.

Unusually, I am offering the plates and Pyrex funnels for sale separately- but of course if you would like both we can sort out a favourable deal.

The Crown Lyn plates are: $AUD30 and the Pyrex pie funnels are: $AUD30

Collectible Pyrex

Pyrex pie dishesPyrex pie dishes
made in Australia c1960s

Following on from my last Pyrex post, here’s Trish’s Pyrex collection- coloured pie dishes made in the 60s. The pie dishes came in a vast rainbow of colours that co-ordinated with other kitchen items- condiment dishes and mixing bowls and the like. Trish has kept her collection to yellow, orange, red which works well in our contemporary kitchen.

The tempered glass is still fantastic for cooking pies: we favour meat pies and lemon meringue tarts…they cook quickly and evenly and the dish is a dream to wash up afterwards. The pie dishes come in four standard sizes and so nest when not in use; you gotta love vintage that still functions as intended and also looks good.

The only downside is they are not dishwasher proof; you do see a lot of ruined Pyrex dishes around- the colour does not stand up to the harsh detergent abrasives and becomes mottled and washed out in tone.