Bambi planter [sold]

Bambi planter, 1960sBambi planter
made in Japan 1950s

A Bambi and her doe, in planter-style. I have filled the planter with bok choy [all I had to hand] but of course flowers and/or growing succulents would also work.

I have quite a few Bambis in my collection. I have purposely collected 1950 era bambis that were made here in Australia or in Japan – these are NOT Disney figurines, which I think look more ‘commercial’. I’ve already explained my nostalgic love for Bambi [short answer: not allowed to have one as a child] elsewhere on the blog; so suffice it to say – I collect Bambis whenever I can.

The Bambi planter is in great vintage condition and is for sale: $AU35. Buy now for Christmas!


Bambi posy vase & salt and pepper shakersBambi posy vase and salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan 1950s

More bambis! A fantastic bambi posy vase- replete with log, flowers, sparkles- all hand painted, and a salt and pepper shaker pair. Rather than distinguish between S and P with the number of holes [in the head of the bambi, it has to be said] we have an alert bambi and a sleeping bambi. Awwww!

My fascination with bambi goes way back – way back when as a child I wanted a bambi but my mother thought them too ‘kitsch’ [by which she meant ‘common’.] So whenever I come across them now- I collect them. They are still terribly kitsch- but that is the attraction!

The collection of bambis is for sale: $AUD55

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Bambi night-light

Bambi night-light, 1959Bambi night-light
made in Melbourne, Australia 1959

This fantastic nursery night-light- featuring Bambi, his mother and bluebirds -was made by Pan Pacific Plastics in Melbourne in the late 50s. Pan Pacific Plastic originally made dolls but in the 50s moved to making night- lights with themes drawing from Walt Disney or nursery rhymes. Night-lights are trending right now, and are very collectible; and Bambis even more so.

The night-light is in excellent working order, and uses a 15 watt lamp and AC/DC power. The bulb is the same one used for pilot lights in fridges – so readily available.

The Bambi night-light is for sale: $AUD75

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Golden Bambi

Bambi vase/thermometre, 50sBambi thermometer / vase
made in Japan 1950s

When too much kitsch is barely enough, this wonderful souvenirware Bambi is gilt, has a thermometer AND a vase/pen holder. Bambi vases were made and hand painted in Japan and then shipped to every corner of the globe where the locality’s name was added; this one is marked Mackay – a regional town in Queensland.

The thermometer rather idealistically records temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius but then presumably the Bambis were also shipped to Equatorial Guinea. The love for Bambi in the 50s knew no bounds! And I’ve tested the thermometer- it’s pretty accurate.

Brassy bold gilt bambi is for sale: $AUD25

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Retro bambis: 60s planters & cross stitchDeer and snow landscape cross stitch, made in Australia c.1960
Bambi planters, made in Japan c.1960

My son [Gen Y] likens cross stitch to ‘pixel art’ and I can see his point. I have teamed this rather impressive cross stitch of deers in their natural habitat with two bambi planters. Together they make a great ensemble.

The bambi planters can – indeed- hold plants or utensils, etc and they are in good condition. The cross stitch- by some unknown pixel artist of the 1960s, is framed and ready to hang- and likewise is in good condition.

This ensemble is for sale: $AUD95

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Bambi in the city!

Bambi and New York City pin dishBambi, made in Japan 1960s
New York City souvenir pin tray, made in Japan 1960s

Really getting into deep kitsch territory now: reclining Bambi, made in Japan c 1960s and an aluminium souvenir pin tray from New York City, also c 1960s.

Back when the World Trade Centre was still standing [and a rather astonishing colour of blue!] this pin tray was cheap, mass-produced and light weight- perfect as a travel gift. I’m impressed by the cut-outs, and the fact that alongside the memorable buildings, Coney Island gets a mention – you can see the big dipper and ferris wheel at the bottom right of the dish. And roses. What’s the association of NYC and roses?

Perhaps just another way to introduce some random garish colour. Either way, Bambi looks quite impressed!

This collection is for sale: $AUD40

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Bambi planter [sold]

50s Bambi planterBambi planter
made in Japan c1950s

Another Bambi- I hear you cry- yes indeedy! I do love Bambis.

You can tell the origin of your Bambi by the insect on its back- if it’s a butterfly [as on the cover of this Little Golden Book, printed 1956] it’s an American Bambi. In Australia, Bambis produced by Disney have a lady beetle on their back. I have no idea what market this planter was intended for- that looks to be a lamb on Bambi’s back! A very mixed metaphor.

None-the-less this Bambi is in fine fettle and ready to add to your already burgeoning Bambi collection. It is unmarked, except for the ‘made in Japan’ stamp on the underside.

The Bambi planter is for sale: $AUD35 [Little Golden Book comes free.]

50s toys

50s children's toys50s childhood

For you delectation today we have a collection of childhood memories from the 50s. The View Master- a perennial favourite- comes with a 3D ‘Bambi in the Forest’ reel- featuring picture stills from the famous movie. The needlepoint features the famous Disney characters in a rubber dinghy and it’s in a delightful 50s frame. And the rocking clown makes that classic- slightly eerie- tinkling sound when it moves. 50s classics all!

Perfect for the contemporary child who has an interest in retro toys- or the nostalgic adult who misses them! A fabulous gift idea, this collection is for sale: $AUD80

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View-Master [sold]

Bakelite View MasterView-Master,
made in Portland, Oregon 1940s

Bringing together my three loves: bakelite, bambi and view-masters- this set is all about nostalgia.

When I was a young ‘un, I absolutely wanted a View-Master. But they were prohibitively expensive for my family- so wanting was as far as I got. I think nostalgia is often rooted in the thwarted desire- it’s only as an adult that one can afford to buy something denied in one’s youth.

So- a black bakelite view-master from the 40s- inscribed Sawyers View Master, USA, Portland, Ore.,

The internet is awash with View-Master collectors and memorabilia. Reels for the View-Master are widely available. Indulge your nostalgia- or- add to your burgeoning View-Master collection!

This set is for sale: $AUD55

60s framed lithograph

B James litho printBambi in the Giant Redwood Forest, framed lithographic print
made in USA, c.1960

Bringing together my love of Bambi, 60s Americana and – weirdly- botany, I present to you this wonderful lithograph- by a B. James [as signed in the b.r.h. corner.] The image measures 48” x 24” [1.21m x 0.6m] in a timber frame, mounted to stand proud of the hessian backing. The total size of this beauty: 54” x 30” [1.37m x 0.76m] – how good would it look hung over your Parker sideboard?

Two Bambis stand dwarfed by the Giant Sequoia trees as the morning sun glistens on the idyllic scene. To say the image references the Garden of Eden is to state the obvious- so one Bambi is clearly Eve, the other Adam. Or this is the sixth day of Creation, before those pesky humans showed up and ruined it all.

Whatever, this picture is iconic. It just fits into the back of the car [with the windows down and the frame peeking out.] And it’s for sale: $AUD155

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