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  1. Dear Edwina, your blog has an uncluttered and relaxed style. it is easy to read and your portrait is very flattering. I dont thing Vince would respond to your aesthetic, however, and he is the chief decorator. Jasmin

  2. Dear Edwina, AM loving your blog ! As per Jasmine’s comments your blog is relaxed and very easy to navigate. Am liking the photography as well. If you have any sewing items please put on blog as I am now doing Couture – can you believe it! Marie

    • thanks marie for your lovely comments. oscar did the photography as he is the expert in this area. i can totally believe you are now into couture…i have vintage fabric and notions and sewing paraphenalia~ is that what you are after?

  3. Hello Edwina, I would love a set/s of the caribbean anodised aliminium beakers made in Australia. Any idea where i could find some? Your site is great!

    • hi benjamin. it’s getting harder and harder to find anodised beakers -especially whole sets- anymore, but they do turn up from time to time in second hand shops. i will keep a look out for you and let you know if i come across any.

  4. Hi Edwina, I love your site and taste.
    Just thought I should let you know that I agree that the Granada coffee set is wonderful. My mother gave me this set and the dinner set for a wedding present in 1977. The design must have been released earlier in South Australia! The pieces are beautiful and particularly stunning on the christmas table with a white cloth and blend well with white china.

    • kerena- how lovely of you to comment…i’d say your own taste and style must be similarly refined! it’s wonderful to think you have – and use – the whole granada set. stylish indeed!

  5. Dear Edwina,

    I follow your blog and it is great! Hey….I just acquired a couple of hand made vases made in Australia (1960s?). They are hand painted much in the vain of Studio Anna, with a seated aboriginal warrior on one and a seated aboriginal woman on the other. The signature is “NG Made in Australia”. Do you happen to know who the artist could be…and what they could possibly be worth?



  6. Hello there Edwina, thank you very much for visiting my blog. I really like the content and clear lines of your blog, so succinct and easy to navigate. I am a hoarder of most things vintage/victorian etc. Glassware, china and jewellery are my faves. China plates,cups and saucers and cake stands are a particular weakness of mine (they do take up a lot of room or so my family tell me!!) I am hoping to venture in to a hiring my china out for vintage parties. My various other pieces I sell from time to time if only to make room for more! I shall be following your blog with great interest
    many thanks.

    • hi alex- i’m loving vintagemouse too! hiring your china sounds like a good idea- especially since you have such great styling advice to go along with it. i loved that you also provided old fashioned flowers to go along with the setting for the 90th birthday.

  7. Hi Edwina! Thank you for “liking” my first Lounge blog post. You’re officially my “first”…. I think that counts for something – lol. Love your blog! Cheers…. Chad

  8. Hi Edwina, is the studio anna pottery Hayman Island souvenir with the swimming pool scene still available? I use to work on Hayman Island in the 1970’s and would like to buy it.You had it listed for sale with four other pottery Australian souvenir items for $125.Preferably I would like to purchase the Hayman Island item separately.Thanks very much Edwina, Steve Potts, Brisbane 0451 075550.

      • Hello Edwina, I will buy the listed items if the Hayman Island piece is in mint condition.I probably will not be able to pay until next week, Tuesday week.Could you please pack up the items securely and arrange an invoice for me and include registered post.I look forward to your reply, thank you, Steve Potts, Brisbane 0451 075550.

      • steve, it’s great to hear that you like the hayman island piece so much!

        i am currently in barcelona, returning to sydney next monday 21st, so i can arrange postage then.

        i will need you to direct deposit the money for the pieces- plus postage- before i send them to you. i’ll be able to tell you the cost of postage (plus registered post which is a good idea- in case of any damage during delivery) once i’m back in sydney.

        let’s chat then, edwina

      • Good morning Edwina, thanks will be in touch next week.I have a great collection of Hayman studio Anna including two other scenes in that shape.It is a beautiful day here in Brisbane, the magpies have been for breakfast, enjoy your trip, Steve.

      • hi steve, back in sydney, although i wish i was still in barcelona!

        the hayman island studio anna piece is in perfect condition. it’s a lovely shape and the hand painting is particularly funky for studio anna.

        registered post costs for the 5 pieces to brisbane will be $45, so the total for the package is $170. registered post costs $4:90 but it gives up to $100 insurance, should there be any damage during delivery.

        if this is ok, let me know, and i’ll email you my direct deposit details.


    • hi miriam-
      i have just this minute written a post about fowler ware pudding bowls- the post will be up tomorrow [monday 7am sydney time]- what a nice coincidence! i also have another post of 3 bowls and a jug- all fowler ware- which are also for sale.

      if you’d like to email me & tell me what you’re after i’m sure i can help: thanks for your interest! edwina

  9. Hi, Edwena.
    I noticed the Duperlite/marquis plastic green kitchenware. You mentioned the names of ten manufacturers that you know off (beng eight more than me). As my interest is electrical (much plastic) there is some manufacturers doing both. I would like to add one that made picnic sets from news paper adds/ notices, Malbren, a Melbourne based company. Also l belive Nylex is the eventual trade name for Duperite.
    Regards Phillip.

  10. Hi Edwina , just about to post my Australian wall pockets for sale on Instagram – I have x8 Dianas all 40’s to 50’s (that I know of) – send me an email so I can show you first – selling the lot in one go + I have x6 Pates and x4 Raynhams from Victoria. All collected in the 1970s Cheers

  11. Hello Edwina. I am looking at a bit of an older blog. I am wondering if you still have the old TAA lunch boxes. You have them For $25.
    If so I would be interested.
    MNybthanks for replying.
    Karen Glass

  12. Hi Edwina. Is the john rodriquez lotus sold? I have a red & orange one- exactly the same. Would love to buy ur brown lotus wall hanging. Kind regards yvette

    • hi yvette; certainly rodriquez is back in fashion and admired again. i did sell the brown lotus hanging, but will keep an eye out for another for you! edwina

  13. Evening Edwina
    I have been researching Harry Whyte for a number of years and have a significant collection, all but one of which is signed.I will be releasing a website on Harry in the near future in an attempt to learn more about him and his work. I was wondering how you made the link to Gunda as experts on Gunda know of no such link.
    Steven Townsend

    • hi steven,
      i am by no means a Gunda expert; but I came across the link between Gunda and Harry Whyte whilst researching Harry’s work. i will dig up the research and send it to you. also- very interested in your new website, sounds grand!

  14. Hi Edwina!
    You may or may not recall our conversation a few years ago, as you have many followers/customers? Well, we’ve decided to launch our website from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and for now, sell locally. We’ll be having a Collector’s Sale in our garden this spring (combining our Landscape Architecture and Vintage/MCM mindsets!) to share some of our finds. You continue to inspire me with your website and moxie. Thought you’d be interested in knowing we’ve decided to dive in. All the best to you!

  15. Hello Edwina, Could you please advise if the Martin Boyd ramekins are oven proof and if so up to what temperature as I would not want to take the risk in damaging or cracking them? Thank you.

    • hi simone,
      the ramekins are vintage: but were once in a very hot kiln. however, ramekins were not designed to be put in an oven: rather they are a receptacle for hot food. i wouldn’t put vintage items in a hot oven!

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