Pyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug

Pyrex 'Sunburst' flask jugPyrex ‘Sunburst’ flask jug, made in USA 1960s
Bar Scene tray, made in USA 1960s

This is Pyrex at its best- a jug modelled on a laboratory flask with an ‘atomic’ sunburst pattern in gold. The stopper is graduated plastic, in good old yellow plastic. The jug has a pouring lip, two litre capacity and being Pyrex, is good for hot and cold liquids. Pyrex is very collectible – and the jug is in excellent condition. And –it makes a terrific vase when it’s not serving hot and cold liquids.

The tray also hails from America, and has a photographic image of a traditional bar of the 60s. You know the one – all dark wood, rows and rows of liquor in the background – and on the bar- a bowl of fruit. The tray is made of compressed fibreboard, making it light- and has integral handles which are plastic wire wrapped. I have collected several of these trays from the 60s- the photographs are invariably touched-up and are unintendedly quite funny.

The Pyrex jug and tray are for sale: $AUD60

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70s soda syphons

Soda syphons and sparklets boxSoda syphons
made in West Germany, and England 1970s

Following on from the cocktail themes of past posts, these soda syphons are a must have for the retro bar. The red syphon is unbranded, but marked ‘West Germany’ on the base, and the red syphon – although similarly unmarked, was made by Sparklets in England. Both syphons have a 1 litre capacity, have their original cartridge holders, and have an accompanying box of Sparklets cartridges. I love the 70s image of mother and children contemplating the delights of making soda water on the Sparklets box.

The syphons are anodised aluminium and in good condition and working order. I can’t give any guarantees that the Sparklets cartridges still work…they are over thirty years old, but luckily soda cartridges are still available to buy, and the design hasn’t changed.

The soda siphons would make a stylish Christmas gift, and are for sale: $AUD75

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60s oranges & lemons

60s oranges & lemonsOranges and lemons
made in Japan, c.1960s

A mixed bag of oranges and lemons:  a hand painted lemon tray, glass jug and small ceramic plate- but all hailing from Japan and made in the 60s.

This collection is by theme rather than media- with the colours and abstract representations of fruit being the uniting factors. This set would be fabulous for a [teetotaller’s] retro bar. Or a complete lush’s retro bar…sometimes you do have to use fruit in a cocktail [or so I am lead to believe.]

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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Retro barware

Retro barwareTintara Black Bottle Brandy ice bucket, made in Australia c.1950s
Black glass horderves plate, made in Australia c.1950s

‘Tintara Black Bottle Brandy –  Such a Friendly Brandy’ – really, who wrote the copy for these guys? They go to all the trouble of having a black bottle, gothic script – and then label it ‘friendly’? Talk about a mixed message! Tintara Brandy was made by Hardy’s – a South Australian winery.

This lovely ice bucket comes with ice insert, and matching tongs. Together with the horderves plate [with great recipes for a Manhattan, Martini, Stinger, Pink Lady, Alexander and the classic Gin Rickey] this set makes for a nice retro addition to your drinks bar.

Both pieces are in good order, and ready to take your booze/ice and appetizers for your next soiree!

This set is for sale: $AUD55

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