Pyrex #60sstyle

Pyrex Stack 'N' Store canistersPyrex Stack ‘N’ See canisters
made in USA 1968-1972

I collected each of these containers individually, although back in the day they could be purchased in sets of four. The containers came in three colours: Avocado, Yellow and White and then in the early 70s a fantastic fake woodgrain was introduced.

The Stack ‘N’ See kitchen canisters were called Store ‘N’ See in America: why the name change here is anybody’s guess. In this collection of eleven canisters there are three 6oz, five 16oz, two 32oz and the large one is 48oz.

Transparent canisters are fantastic in the kitchen; you can see exactly what you’re storing, and each of the Pyrex canisters has a silicon sealing ring for air-tightness. Or – do as I do- store your vintage sewing notions in them. The stackability is a great design; the canisters take up minimal space and those funky 60s lids lend a great 60s vibe to any space.

The Stack ‘N’ See collection is for sale: $AUD125

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4 thoughts on “Pyrex #60sstyle

  1. hi Jude- thanks for your interest; postage to 3073 will be $24:50 – have to send the 11 canisters and their lids in 3 separate boxes- and that cost includes insurance against damage during delivery. if you are coming to Sydney or know someone who is- pickup would be easier- I’m in St. Peter’s, right on the train line. Edwina

    • Hi Edwina,

      Sorry, I’ll have to pass. I’ve been wracking my brains as to an alternate way to get them down here. It’s not only that, I’m in the middle of packing my house into storage as I’m about to renovate and I really shouldn’t be buying more stuff. Sorry for wasting your time, I just loved them so much that I had to ask.

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