Merrrrrrrry Christmas!

Retro retail stand with Suzi Tyson angelsMerry Christmas!

To all my gallant and steadfast followers and readers….Merry Christmas! Have a lovely festive time and enjoy much retro!

[This is my partner’s Christmas ideal: a retro Christmas tree stand -from a long ago defunct shop- adorned with pottery angels by Australian artist Suzi Tyson, c. 1990s.]


Sunbeam Beater Mix, new in box, 1972Sunbeam Beater Mix
made in Australia 1972

How often have I used a Sunbeam Beater Mix to make pavlova? A million times. How often have I used it to make anything else? Not so much.

So – when I came across this beauty- new in box, I had to have it. It’s been checked by an electrician and it is oked for pavlova making.

It’s a fabulous 70s yellow colour, on black bakelite. Oh so 70s. The blurb on the box describes it thus: “portable, lightweight, with three powerful speeds- and – ejectable beaters!’ Really- you had me at ‘ejectable beaters’!

So- for all your pavlova / other beating needs [remind me again – what they might be?] the Sunbeam Beater Mix is for sale: $AU75

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Christmas baubles

Knitted nanna baublesHipster Christmas decorations
made in Sydney, Australia 2013

How cool are these Christmas baubles? Hand-knitted – in pure Australian wool-  these decorations will lend your Christmas tree some real hipster cred.

Made by a lovely Nanna using a 1970 knitting pattern, this set of 20 baubles is both environmentally sustainable and – quite hilarious. Environmentally sustainable because she used her left over wool pieces, and hilarious because she used her left over wool pieces [~not so much the red and green or tinselly colours.]

You’ve seen the urban art of knitted wraps around trees and poles – now see the knitted Christmas decorations! Christmas just got 1970 crafty!

The set of 20 [all different] Christmas baubles is for sale: $AUD40

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Fuzzy Felt!

Fuzzy Felt Ballet & Play FarmFuzzy Felt Ballet & Play Farm
made in England 1964

One of my earliest memories is seeing Fuzzy Felt Bible Stories at Scripture class. I would have been 3 or 4. Even then I wanted to mix all the stories up and see what would happen if Jesus and Lazarus meet on Noah’s Ark. And what if the disciples and all the animals suddenly found themselves in King Solomon’s temple? Alas, it never happened as any attempts I made were neatly thwarted by the teacher.

And so- how I coveted Fuzzy Felt Bible Stories! I repeatedly asked Santa to bring it to me for Christmas [but apparently it was too expensive for Santa- the cheapskate!] Then for my 8th birthday- I was given Fuzzy Felt Ballet, and my younger sister got Fuzzy Felt Play Farm. I was very disappointed…it was too girly for me, although the black fuzzy felt board was kind of sophisticated. The Play Farm at least had heavy machinery, albeit picked out in two-dimensional felt.

So imagine my delight when I came across these two Fuzzy Felt sets! Oh the nostalgia! The memories of putting ballerinas on tractors and putting tutus on pigs! It all came flooding back. As did the blurb on the box:

“Gaily coloured felt shapes to make pictures! They cling like magic on the fuzzy board!”

Totally magical. The two sets are complete, with only a little minor wear to the black fuzzy felt board. For sale: $AU60

40s hand-woven basket

40s cane hand-woven basketCane hand-woven basket
made in Australia 1940s

I’ve styled this basket with some Christmas Bush- so appropriate for the season. The basket is hand-woven, circa 1940s and it’s great for displaying fruit or flowers; or for – you know- shopping. I don’t do much of the latter- but I do a lot of the former.

All sorts of vintage items can be repurposed to hold/show/display contemporary necessities. Groceries / mail / eBay packages; it’s great when one item can do it all – like this basket. And still be good to fulfill its original purpose [should the need arise.]

The beautiful basket is for sale: $AUD40

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Squatter [sold]

Day35_48 copySquatter
made by John Sands, Australia 1962

Squatter – the ‘sheep farming game’ was created by Robert C. Lloyd and launched at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1962. It was described at the time as an Australian version of Monopoly- but Monopoly was never as complex and ‘realistic’ as this game.

This is an original game from 1962- it’s never been used. It’s in excellent condition and ready for 2-6 players to while away 1-2 hours trading sheep and reliving Christmases past. Who doesn’t remember scouring the ‘Ready Reckoner’ to decide when and how many sheep to sell or buy? Oh the memories come flooding back.

Squatter is for sale- buy now for Christmas! $AUD45

Pickled Onion jar

Retro pickled onion jarPickled onion jar
made in Japan 1960s

You may have seen a SlyvaC crying onion jar- they were first made in the 50s. These jars and now very collectible [as is anything SlyvaC.] This is a Japanese knock-off, made in the 60s- albeit with a different crying onion face and inscribed ‘pickled onions’.

I bought the jar hoping my sister- who is a dab hand at making pickled onions – a MUST for Christmas, would obliging fill the jar with said pickled onions for me. Alas she refused. Not only will she be away and so unable to make any condiments- she also expressed her disdain for the jar. Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious?

And so- without any hope of having homemade pickled onions this Christmas- I offer the jar for sale. It would be a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who actually can and will make pickled onions to go with the Christmas ham. It’s in good condition and for sale for $AUD35

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Cherry Christmas!

Christmas cherriesCovetro cherry bowl, made in Italy c.1960s
Lucite cherry paperweight, c.1960s
Christmas angel figurine, c.1960s

In Sydney, at Christmas time it’s all about the cherries. Cherry season is a relatively short period from November to early January and so cherries are always associated with Christmas. Maybe the red and green colouring also contributes to the association.

The 60s were also all about the cherry. Cherry icons and logos were everywhere. This collection references both the 60s and – for all Sydneysiders: Christmas.

All items are in excellent conditions, except the Christmas angel figurine who has been rubbed a little too vigorously and so lost a little red paint. Still, she’s over forty years old and is entitled to. She has a chick at her feet, which is another story altogether.

This set is for sale [get in early for Christmas!]: $AUD45

60s Christmas servers

Wiltshire 'Damascene' salad serversWiltshire ‘Damascene’ salad servers
made in Melbourne, Australia 1960s

These servers have never been out of their crimson satin lined box: a must for every Christmas-believer.

Stuart Devlin specialised in gold and silversmithing and went on to design the first decimal coinage for Australia in 1964. All his work is now highly regarded.

‘Damascene’ relates to the City of Damascus, the story in the Bible where an ‘important moment of insight’ occurred- ie: on the Road to Damascus. Stuart Devlin designed the salad servers in the mid 60s- they are silver plate and now highly sought after [especially in the original box.]

This boxed set is now for sale: $AUD65

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