Vintage salt & pepper shakers

Vintage salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan 1950s

For all you kitsch lovers [myself included] and vintage salt and pepper shaker collectors: a delightful set from Japan in the form of fire engines.

Subtle differences in the forms/colours – and faces! -denote salt and pepper. And of course who doesn’t love a human face on their fire engine>

To fire fighter enthusiasts- and vintage salt and pepper shaker collectors- these are for you; for sale: $AU25

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Dalmatian s&p

Dalmatian salt & pepper shakers
made in Japan, 1960s

These fabulous dalmatian shakers could well be modelled on Disney’s 101 Dalmatians characters- but aren’t marked as such. The manufacture place and time is right, but they weren’t made under license to Disney [or at least there is no space on the base to note this.] Either way- they were probably inspired by the popularity of the film- and are super cute. Just look at that wink!

Salt and Pepper collection is growing as a hobby- they are small so don’t take up much space, and have been made since the mid Nineteenth Century. America has several museums devoted to salt and pepper shakers.

This would be a good way to start your own collection: there is a bit of wear to one dalmatians red collar, but otherwise they are in good vintage condition. They are for sale: $AU15

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Bambi posy vase & salt and pepper shakersBambi posy vase and salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan 1950s

More bambis! A fantastic bambi posy vase- replete with log, flowers, sparkles- all hand painted, and a salt and pepper shaker pair. Rather than distinguish between S and P with the number of holes [in the head of the bambi, it has to be said] we have an alert bambi and a sleeping bambi. Awwww!

My fascination with bambi goes way back – way back when as a child I wanted a bambi but my mother thought them too ‘kitsch’ [by which she meant ‘common’.] So whenever I come across them now- I collect them. They are still terribly kitsch- but that is the attraction!

The collection of bambis is for sale: $AUD55

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50s donkeys

Retro donkey salt & pepper shakersDonkey salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan c.1950s

What was it about donkeys, sombreros, and cactuses that made them so exotic in the 50s? So overused and clichéd then – so kitschy now. I like that this salt and pepper set has donkeys in different poses, and with those huge eyes- they anticipate anime.

In the 50s the world was opened up to middle class travel. No longer the preserve of the rich, middle class Australians travelled to all corners [a terrible/inaccurate expression] of the globe. Since Australia was 20 hours travel away from ANYWHERE – you might as well travel 50 hours and see South America. And having spent every last penny getting there, I suppose there wasn’t much money left for travel souvenirs.

Google donkey salt and pepper shakers- and wow! ~ what a selection. No cliché left unturned. But yesteryear’s cliché is my kind of kitsch. And these donkeys are in perfect condition, stamped ‘Japan’ on the base. Part of the 50s export market for Australian travelers to South America made in Japan. Truly international!

The donkey s & p shakers are for sale: $AUD35

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