Bambi planter [sold]

Bambi planter, 1960sBambi planter
made in Japan 1950s

A Bambi and her doe, in planter-style. I have filled the planter with bok choy [all I had to hand] but of course flowers and/or growing succulents would also work.

I have quite a few Bambis in my collection. I have purposely collected 1950 era bambis that were made here in Australia or in Japan – these are NOT Disney figurines, which I think look more ‘commercial’. I’ve already explained my nostalgic love for Bambi [short answer: not allowed to have one as a child] elsewhere on the blog; so suffice it to say – I collect Bambis whenever I can.

The Bambi planter is in great vintage condition and is for sale: $AU35. Buy now for Christmas!

Bambi planter [sold]

50s Bambi planterBambi planter
made in Japan c1950s

Another Bambi- I hear you cry- yes indeedy! I do love Bambis.

You can tell the origin of your Bambi by the insect on its back- if it’s a butterfly [as on the cover of this Little Golden Book, printed 1956] it’s an American Bambi. In Australia, Bambis produced by Disney have a lady beetle on their back. I have no idea what market this planter was intended for- that looks to be a lamb on Bambi’s back! A very mixed metaphor.

None-the-less this Bambi is in fine fettle and ready to add to your already burgeoning Bambi collection. It is unmarked, except for the ‘made in Japan’ stamp on the underside.

The Bambi planter is for sale: $AUD35 [Little Golden Book comes free.]


Retro bambisBambis
made in Japan, 1950s

Ok, we’re back into Bambi territory. I have already confessed that the reason I love bambis SO much is that I wasn’t allowed to have one when I was little – they were considered by my parents to be ‘common’ [which I take to be code for ‘kitsch’.] I have observed that a great deal of nostalgia is born from a past longing – it’s not always routed in memory and fondness for something owned then lost. [I’m looking at you- model train collectors…]

These 1950 era bambis were made in Japan – these are NOT Disney figurines, which I think look more ‘commercial’. All the bambis are in repose, except for the back left who is frolicking over a tree stump, and the baby bambi talking to its mother in the back right. Both the rear bambis are ‘planters’ -they have a hollow area in which to grow something. I recently saw the mother and fawn bambi planter for sale on Ebay for $50- which goes to show the extent of Bambi love worldwide [ie: it’s not just me.]

All the bambis are in excellent condition, and are for sale: $AUD125

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