View-Master [sold]

Bakelite View MasterView-Master,
made in Portland, Oregon 1940s

Bringing together my three loves: bakelite, bambi and view-masters- this set is all about nostalgia.

When I was a young ‘un, I absolutely wanted a View-Master. But they were prohibitively expensive for my family- so wanting was as far as I got. I think nostalgia is often rooted in the thwarted desire- it’s only as an adult that one can afford to buy something denied in one’s youth.

So- a black bakelite view-master from the 40s- inscribed Sawyers View Master, USA, Portland, Ore.,

The internet is awash with View-Master collectors and memorabilia. Reels for the View-Master are widely available. Indulge your nostalgia- or- add to your burgeoning View-Master collection!

This set is for sale: $AUD55

4 thoughts on “View-Master [sold]

  1. We had a grey view-master and, I think, two (?) reels with pictures from Brussels and Paris (the Atomium in 3D etc.). I think my father bought it on a trip to Brussels.

    • fabulous. originally they were developed by the army to teach soldiers to recognise enemy combatants- and then became souvenir viewers before being disneyfied and becoming a popular toy.

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