Bambi posy vase & salt and pepper shakersBambi posy vase and salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan 1950s

More bambis! A fantastic bambi posy vase- replete with log, flowers, sparkles- all hand painted, and a salt and pepper shaker pair. Rather than distinguish between S and P with the number of holes [in the head of the bambi, it has to be said] we have an alert bambi and a sleeping bambi. Awwww!

My fascination with bambi goes way back – way back when as a child I wanted a bambi but my mother thought them too ‘kitsch’ [by which she meant ‘common’.] So whenever I come across them now- I collect them. They are still terribly kitsch- but that is the attraction!

The collection of bambis is for sale: $AUD55

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Retro bambisBambis
made in Japan, 1950s

Ok, we’re back into Bambi territory. I have already confessed that the reason I love bambis SO much is that I wasn’t allowed to have one when I was little – they were considered by my parents to be ‘common’ [which I take to be code for ‘kitsch’.] I have observed that a great deal of nostalgia is born from a past longing – it’s not always routed in memory and fondness for something owned then lost. [I’m looking at you- model train collectors…]

These 1950 era bambis were made in Japan – these are NOT Disney figurines, which I think look more ‘commercial’. All the bambis are in repose, except for the back left who is frolicking over a tree stump, and the baby bambi talking to its mother in the back right. Both the rear bambis are ‘planters’ -they have a hollow area in which to grow something. I recently saw the mother and fawn bambi planter for sale on Ebay for $50- which goes to show the extent of Bambi love worldwide [ie: it’s not just me.]

All the bambis are in excellent condition, and are for sale: $AUD125

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Retro bambisDeer in landscape cross stitch, made in Australia c.1960
Bambi planters, made in Japan c.1960

My son [Gen Y] likens cross stitch to ‘pixel art’ and I can see his point. I have teamed this rather impressive cross stitch of deers in their natural habitat with two Bambi planters. Together they make a great ensemble.

The Bambi planters can – indeed- hold plants or utensils, etc and they are in good condition. The cross stitch- by some unknown pixel artist of the 1960s, is framed and ready to hang- and likewise is in good condition.

This ensemble is for sale: $AUD95

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Bambis for the retro nursery [sold]

bambi bookends and nightlightBambi bookends, made in Japan 1958
Bambi nursery night-light, made in Melbourne, Australia c.1959

I thought after my last kitsch post, you might be ready for some more Bambis…

The ceramic bookends were made for the 50s souvenir trade in Japan…originally they would have had a sticker placed on the horizontal front section: “Greetings from Alaska” [where deer are known to frequent] or “Greetings from Honolulu” [you get the picture.]

Unfortunately the deer on the left has had an ear repaired; it’s the one facing away from the viewer so you only see it if you look from behind. The mend is sympathetic to the ceramic, a hairline fracture, but it is a repair none-the-less and that is reflected in the sale price.

The night-light is in excellent working order, and has been checked by an electrician. It was made by Pan Pacific Plastics in Melbourne, and uses a 15 watt lamp and AC/DC power. Who doesn’t want a Bambi night-light in their nursery? Nine out of 10 babies give it a thumbs up!      For sale: $AUD75