Bambi in the city!

Bambi and New York City pin dishBambi, made in Japan 1960s
New York City souvenir pin tray, made in Japan 1960s

Really getting into deep kitsch territory now: reclining Bambi, made in Japan c 1960s and an aluminium souvenir pin tray from New York City, also c 1960s.

Back when the World Trade Centre was still standing [and a rather astonishing colour of blue!] this pin tray was cheap, mass-produced and light weight- perfect as a travel gift. I’m impressed by the cut-outs, and the fact that alongside the memorable buildings, Coney Island gets a mention – you can see the big dipper and ferris wheel at the bottom right of the dish. And roses. What’s the association of NYC and roses?

Perhaps just another way to introduce some random garish colour. Either way, Bambi looks quite impressed!

This collection is for sale: $AUD40

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