Rollei 35mm slide projector

Rollei O350A slide projectorRollei 35mm slide projector
made in Braunschweig, Germany, 1971-1977

Yes, another slide projector…but this time a 70s version – with remote controller! [remember them?] Somewhat incongruous in these days of wireless connections, the ‘remote’ controller is a little red button set in a little grey box – with a giant cord tethering it to the machine.

Rollei are well known camera makers, but also started making slide projectors in the 1920s. This projector [P350A] has a tray that can take up to 50 slides, and comes in its original box with its original manual and warranty papers [now sadly, somewhat redundant.] But when everything is in the original box, you know that the previous owner cared for and looked after the projector.

This is the first projector I have collected [see numerous posts, below] that hasn’t come with a slide left in the machine or the box by a previous owner. I was quite disappointed and considered whether I should allow this one into the collection…but its lovely 70s modern/boxy quality won me over in the end.

For sale: $AUD80

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5 thoughts on “Rollei 35mm slide projector

  1. My parents had one like this, I think my mother still has it. I remember the special noises it made, the fan, the buzz when you changed the focus, and the special clicking sound when the slide was changed and the noise when you exchanged the try. Also the special sound when a slide got stuck. These noises where part of the special ambiance of a slide show evening.
    The sounds of the old time are disappearing. You should record the sounds and put them online. One should actually collect sounds (telephones, doorbells, typewriters, cash registers, toys…).

    • it’s fascinating that you remember sounds as part of your memories. i believe there is a website dedicated to collecting old sounds- and sounds that are no longer heard…it sounds just up your street!

      • I have to look (or listen) for it. Among the categories in my blog, there is a small one “Sounds”. I think I am very auditve.

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