Rollei 35mm slide projector

Rollei O350A slide projectorRollei 35mm slide projector
made in Braunschweig, Germany, 1971-1977

Yes, another slide projector…but this time a 70s version – with remote controller! [remember them?] Somewhat incongruous in these days of wireless connections, the ‘remote’ controller is a little red button set in a little grey box – with a giant cord tethering it to the machine.

Rollei are well known camera makers, but also started making slide projectors in the 1920s. This projector [P350A] has a tray that can take up to 50 slides, and comes in its original box with its original manual and warranty papers [now sadly, somewhat redundant.] But when everything is in the original box, you know that the previous owner cared for and looked after the projector.

This is the first projector I have collected [see numerous posts, below] that hasn’t come with a slide left in the machine or the box by a previous owner. I was quite disappointed and considered whether I should allow this one into the collection…but its lovely 70s modern/boxy quality won me over in the end.

For sale: $AUD80

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