Retro drinking glasses

retro drinking glassesRetro drinking glasses
made in Australia, c. 1950s

These funky glasses come in their original box. The cartoon images illustrate the hilarity that is the game of lawn bowls; the kitsch cartoons are somewhat offset by the lustre glass and the gold rings to the base and rim.

I can’t find a manufacturer for these glasses, nor the ‘artist’ –but can verify that the cartoon images were made in Australia. Who else would find the comic potential of a chicken on the green, or taking a golf club to the bowl? And this was clearly before women were allowed into the bowling club – gotta be the 50s!

For the lawn bowler in your life, or the collector of retro drinking glasses.

For sale: $AUD65

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4 thoughts on “Retro drinking glasses

    • kirsten- how funny. i haven’t seen many intact sets of these glasses- maybe they got used everyday and so didn’t make it to the 21st C? i do love yor blog and your valuation commentary.

    • nowadays you can go bare-foot beer bowling! i love it. beer – taking the edge of my crappy bowling skills- and nice cool grass underfoot. but alas it wasn’t always so…

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