Koala jars [sold]

Kraft koala jarsKraft koala jars
made in Australia 1970s

These adorable koala jars originally held vegemite and were sold as collectible / reusable jars back in the 70s. You can date the jars to that era as they have their original metal lids; by the 80s the metal lids were replaced with big chunky plastic lids. Not nearly as nice.

So far my koala jars have held: boiled lollies, buttons and zips- clearly not all at the same time. I like the way the colours of the small objects inside the jar flesh out the koala’s contours; you can’t appreciate the cuteness of the koalas in my photo while the jars are empty.

Since collecting these two jars I have added a third- with its original yellow and black Kraft metal lid. SO cute. Those lids were made to last- they are still air-tight after 40-odd years. As attested by my boiled lollies!

Imagine a kitchen filled with koala jars. Koala jars filled with every known lolly. Or- you know- rice and flour and stuff.

The koala jars are for sale: $AUD55 [gum leaf optional]

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