Coronation tin

Coronation tin [1953]Coronation tea tin
made in England 1953

A “souvenir casket presented by the Barnsley British Cooperative Society to commemorate the coronation of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, June 1953.” OK- my mistake; it’s not a tin, it’s a ‘casket.’

And what a casket! It’s octagonal; on the front [natch]– that’s Mr H. Wilde J.P., on the back, Windsor Castle. One side lists the Progress Society Members from 1862 – 1952 and the other the Board of Directors for 1953. No surprises here- all men and our dear Mr Wilde is top of the list!

The remaining four sides are given over to various flags… but one just can’t take one’s eyes off Mr H. Wilde J.P.  What a dreamboat…Wilde by name, and wild by ….even if that little bit of rust in his forehead seems to suggest he is sectarian.

The ‘casket’ is in good shape for its age and just look at how well it performs duty as a vase. The lid is still tight-fitting [Mr H wouldn’t have it any other way.]

The casket is for sale: $AUD70

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2 thoughts on “Coronation tin

  1. Hi this is my grandfather on the tin Mr Herbert Wilde. He was president of the barnsley cooperative society in 1953 and passed away in 1965. He was by no means.wild by nature. I never met him as he passed away before I was born. Do you still have the tin? How did you end up owning it? My email is if you could get in touch that would be great. Thanks Alison Wilson nee Wilde

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