70s art glass

Pukeberg candle holdersPukeberg candle holders
made in Sweden 1970s

Pukeberg art glass is well known for its chunky, minimalist 70s styling; you might remember the solid glass, single flower vase ‘Solifleur’ I featured recently. This pair of candle holders compliment that vase nicely: and they are extra collectible because they still have their Pukeberg labels intact.

I rarely venture into the 70s [mostly because I lived through the decade and in Australia it wasn’t pretty] – but Scandinavian art glass is always so beautiful- combining the abstraction of the 60s with the chunky aesthetics of the 70s.

Glass pieces that are now very collectible to look out for: Pukeberg, Kosta and Orrefors [Sweden]; Riihimaki and Iittala [Finland] and Holmegaard [Denmark.]

I’ve teamed the candle holders with a sprig of Silver Dollar Gum [Eucalyptus gunnii] – I love the greyish colour of the leaves against the glass.

The pair of Pukeberg candle holders are for sale: $AUD75

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5 thoughts on “70s art glass

  1. Ok, I’m going to be brutally honest here my friend. Can’t help it. For some reason, just about every estate sale I have, I come across these! Singularly, by themselves, they are weird. I research them, see that they are worth a good amount, not junk. However, one little strange shape of glass and I’m suppose to put a double digit price tag on it in The U.S.A.? You are lucky, yours are candle holders, they serve a purpose. I have a strange looking lamp post (maybe?), then I had some strange cross (but not a cross, maybe a symbol?) Swedish glass I do not mean to offend you. I will assume that American tourists came to your lovely glass shops and could only afford ‘just one piece’. I so wish they would of chosen something that made sense. LIKE CANDLE HOLDERS

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