Doilies- but not as we know them…[sold]

50s doilies50s doilies
made in Australia

Ah- the plastic doily. Fanciful- yet pragmatic. But before you scoff- check out Etsy and see some of the beautiful clocks made from these mid-century modern doilies. Or look at some contemporary street art which uses plastic doilies as a stencil. Or- you know- just use them as ironic pieces in your minimalist modern home.

This is a selection of plastic doilies-six different colours in two designs. Wash and wear, the doilies are displayed with a dog in a suit and bow tie- also from the 50s.

The doilies are for sale: $AUD35

8 thoughts on “Doilies- but not as we know them…[sold]

  1. Love Love Love these! I bet you wouldn’t believe that I have a fixation with these as well? I have a gold oval one about the size of a place mat on the dining room table. Reminds me of my great aunt I suppose. There is something cheesy about plastic that I love.

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