60s Venice

Retro Venice souvenir platesVenezia souvenirware
made in Italy, 1960s

Assiduous followers of my blog will know I am very partial to souvenirware. Especially retro, kitschy souvenirware of places I’ve visited. And studied. These plates from Venezia tick all those boxes.

It would be wonderful to be able to buy the retro souvenirware in the actual city but strangely I only ever find these plates in any city BUT the featured city. I bought these plates in a flea market in Barcelona. In Venice I found some great retro souvenirs of Rome. Maybe that’s the nature of souvenirware- it’s purchased and taken out of the country.

The two scenes show the Rialto Bridge [Ponte di Rialto] and the Doge’s Palace [Palazzo Ducale] and both hilariously feature the same gondola in the foreground. For what is a Venetian souvenir without a gondola?

The plates are for sale: $AUD40

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3 thoughts on “60s Venice

  1. I don’t really like these, only in some sense. Like many other instances of kitsch, they make me laugh. There is somehow a connection between kitsch and the ridiculous. Well, there are more terrible examples on your blog (e.g. your previous post), these are not that terrible 🙂

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