40s Australian souvenirware

40s Australian souvenirwareAustralian souvenirware
made in Czechoslovakia and England, 1940s

Souvenirware in Australia was outsourced in the 40s and these fine bone china porcelain pieces are all by different manufacturers. The drawing of the scene was by a local – but the resultant transfer print has all the hallmarks of the place of manufacture. The orange blush to the images pegs the date of manufacture to the 40s, as does the shape of the middle plate, with its gilt edge.

From left to right, we have scenes from Cairns, Cooma and Forster. Forster features ‘Ocean Baths and a Dance Casino’, which were clearly located adjacent one another. A dance casino is a great idea! Get bored with gambling- have a dance. Get tired dancing- go and play blackjack! I googled it and the Dance Casino opened in 1936 and closed in 1972.

The Cairns piece is by Victoria, made in Czechoslovakia; the Cooma piece is by Royal Grafton Bone China, made in England and the Forster piece is by IBC, Royal Scenic China, made in Czechoslovakia.

For souvenir collectors- a must! This collection is for sale: $75

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