Retro shot glasses

retro shot glassesRetro shot glasses
made in Australia c.1960

These shot glasses are hand blown and so have a varying base depth. And like so much of the 60s- they are ’harlequin’, = multi-coloured. They look fantastic placed against a window [my photographer and I have been experimenting with photographing the glass collection in a different way.]  And of course, they are fantabulous for drinking shots!

The glasses aren’t marked and all the research I’ve done hasn’t turned up a manufacturer name. I do know the glasses were made in the 60s [apart from the harlequin clue] as the person who sold them to me has had them in their family collection since they were won in a golf tournament. Apparently Uncle Jack was a keen golfer who hit a hole in one [or so family folklore would have it] and these glasses were the prize.

This set is for sale: $AUD55

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