60s shot glasses

60s shot glasses & HG Palmer radiogram indicatorShot glasses, made in Australia 1960s
H G Palmer radiogram station indicator, made in Sydney 1960s

Ah the 60s. Life was simpler then. Shot glasses had atomic symbols and you tuned the radiogram by your state. That’s state you live in, not the state you ARE in.

This set of shot glasses would once have been six- but alas no more. I think the three remaining glasses are lovely- and set off nicely with the H G Palmer radiogram indicator. The rest of the radiogram is also AWOL, but the group work well together.

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Graduated shot glasses

graduated [pig] shot glassesGraduated shot glasses
made in Melbourne, Australia c.1950s

This fantastic set of graduated glasses –with nips based on your particular gender, or species- came from a old country pub in Melbourne. The glasses would have been considered novelty when they were first made and used- as they are now.

The gilt rim on some of the glasses is a little worn- obviously from the previous drinkers / pigs. I didn’t know pigs liked shots, but then I am a city girl. Apart from the rim, the hand-painted glasses are in perfect nick.

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Retro shot glasses

retro shot glassesRetro shot glasses
made in Australia c.1960

These shot glasses are hand blown and so have a varying base depth. And like so much of the 60s- they are ’harlequin’, = multi-coloured. They look fantastic placed against a window [my photographer and I have been experimenting with photographing the glass collection in a different way.]  And of course, they are fantabulous for drinking shots!

The glasses aren’t marked and all the research I’ve done hasn’t turned up a manufacturer name. I do know the glasses were made in the 60s [apart from the harlequin clue] as the person who sold them to me has had them in their family collection since they were won in a golf tournament. Apparently Uncle Jack was a keen golfer who hit a hole in one [or so family folklore would have it] and these glasses were the prize.

This set is for sale: $AUD55

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