Diana pink & white Flannel flower vases [sold]

Diana vasesDiana pink & white Flannel flower vases
made in Sydney, Australia c.1960s

Some more of my Diana collection. Flannel flower is the floral emblem of NSW [and has been associated with this State since Federation in 1901.]  Diana pottery in the 60s produced a number of Sydney specific floral emblems on vases and pots – some were hand painted [and quite garish in my opinion.] I like the more subtle relief work depicting the Flannel flower on these vases.

These four vases showcase the four Diana vase styles that exhibited the flannel flower designs- from back to front in the image: – trough vase, round regular vase, posy ring vase and basket vase.  My Diana collection finishes with these pieces from the 60s…I really can’t bring myself to embrace the pieces that were made in the 70s.

The four vases are in excellent condition, and are for sale: $AUD225

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