Hanimex ‘Argus’ slide viewer [sold]

Argus slide viewerHanimex ‘Argus’ slide viewer
made in Australia, c.1960

Well, yes, I have posted quite a few slide viewers- I am so enamoured of them! This viewer comes in its original box, and as seems to always happen to me- it also comes with an Ektachrome slide from its previous owner.

The Argus requires two C batteries to light the internal bulb [bulbs still available] – and like most 50s slide viewers – the action of pushing a slide into the slot turns the viewer on. What a fun way to spend an afternoon- viewing slides one by one!

Or, if you are similarly afflicted like me, add the Argus to your growing stash of viewers- they look fantastic massed together. For irrefutable evidence of this- see my post featuring the Super Hanorama, Vistorama and Hama compact [all by Hanimex] below.

This slide viewer is for sale: $AUD55

6 thoughts on “Hanimex ‘Argus’ slide viewer [sold]

  1. Arrh. We had one of these once [so cool] but it stopped working. I guess the bulb went. And I suspect it got tossed in a move. Good to know they are still fixable if it ever resurfaces. Though I am doubtful. You do have a knack for finding great stuff Edwina.

    • thanks sandy…i actually think you and i have parallel collections. i like slide viewers/projectors/cameras due to growing up with a photographer father who always had one to hand. and – honestly i don’t find these things- they find me. i am but an innocent bystander…

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