Poole ‘Blue Moon’ tea cups

Poole Blue Moon tea cups, made in England 1960-1975

Poole is a very well known pottery, which started operating in Dorset, England in 1873 – and continues today. I am particularly fond of the pottery produced between the 30s and 60s.

These tea cups – very modern in shape and sans handle – are part of the Cameo range. The colour is ‘Blue Moon’ –a deep blue exterior, with a slightly off-white interior [pure white would be too stark…this off-white is just right.] The set of eight tea cups and saucers have the traditional mid-century Poole mark on each piece.

The cups don’t hold much tea – not that I have used them as such – the lovely colour and repetition of form has had them serve a purely decorative function. But they would make for a lovely tea party.       For sale: $AUD145

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6 thoughts on “Poole ‘Blue Moon’ tea cups

  1. Such an unusual blue – I certainly do not see current potters using a shade like this anymore, but I would think these appear quite striking on a breakfast or dinner table. “Blue Moon” is such a wonderfully descriptive name for these beautiful pieces!

    • yes, it’s a particularly 50s blue, isn’t it? and i think the colour name ‘blue moon’ is particularly apt. i have some more poole collections to post; stayed tuned for other wonderful pottery colours & shapes. thanks for your comments, patricia!

    • thanks- would you liking blue have anything to do with being violet? and that’s a terrific idea about using them for mousse. i guess anything of the parfait nature would be good.

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