Anodised aluminium beakers [sold]

aluminium beaker collectionAnodised beakers
made in Australia and Hong Kong, c.1950s

All these beaker sets were made in Australia, except for the set that comes in the red vinyl case [the beakers are adjacent this case.] The Hong Kong set has no maker’s mark, just their place of origin…but they do come with a handy bottle-opener concealed in the case lid.

The Australia sets come with exotic names: ‘Tahiti’ and ‘Caribbean’. The green case which encloses the ‘Tahitian’ beakers was made in Melbourne by Stokes & Sons, as part of their ‘Peacock Ware’ range. It too comes with a bottle-opener. Perfect for the retro picnic!

I can’t find much information on the last two sets – one made by Duchess Aluminium Ware and the other by ETA…so if anyone can fill me in, I would be most appreciative.

All the beakers are in fine fettle, ~ still shiny aluminium despite their age ~ I suspect they have never been near a picnic.       For sale: $AUD75

16 thoughts on “Anodised aluminium beakers [sold]

  1. OMG I haven’t seen these types of cups in YEARS!!! My parents old family friend had them and I thought as a kid they were so cool. Apparently I am not smart enough to realize also collectible. I remember drinking chocolate milk out of them!

    • it’s certainly getting harder to find these beakers now- or find them in pristine condition as some people put them in the dishwasher and ruin them. the advent of the dishwasher has not been a good thing for retro items!

    • your nan was on trend! no wonder you are so stylish…must run in the family. i didn’t have these growing up which is probably why i love them so much now!

  2. Great items. I have been collecting and selling mid century kitchenalia for years and this is the first time I have seen these anodised sets in a vinyl case. I live in Canada and find your blog really interesting. So many items I have never spotted here!

    • great to meet you! i collect stuff i like / is collectible / i can repurpose – mostly australiana. it’s so interesting to hear that kitchenalia is different in canada – part of the wonderful Commonwealth- why do you think that’s so?

    • hello gaylene~ i haven’t come across bermuda beakers; but i tend towards collecting australian stuff. i will now keep my eye out for stokes and sons…is that an english brand name?

  3. Finally something I see in America all the time! giggle! 🙂 I seem to recall they had a funny taste to the metal? I’ll tell you what – it’s hard to find these without dishwasher wear. As soon as those housewives could throw those in the dishwasher they did, and there went alot of the vibrant color.

    • yes, i’ve had a lot of discussion about beakers, they seem to be a worldwide phenomenen. and i am always warning against use of dishwashers on rertro things! i love dishwashers- best kitchen appliance ever- but it is a scourge when it comes to things never designed for them.

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