Knitting gauges

Knitting gaugesKnitting needle gauges
made in England, 1940-50s

I am a knitter – and a collector – so naturally I have started to collect knitting needles gauges.

It’s sort of an amalgamation of my interests in the domestic arts- knitting- and technology. Here we have two aluminium gauges: the first is a bell gauge made by Emu, in England in the 1940s.

It’s a lovely anodised aluminium green: the Emu logo is a ball of wool with knitting needles for legs. It’s unusual in that it sizes needle gauges internally- rather than externally, which was the practice up to the 40s.

The second gauge is a ’D-shaped’ gauge by Stratnoid Aluminium – this being the brand name of Stratton & Co, Birmingham. The gauge is unusual in that it indicates imperial and metric sizes.

I have just discovered that collecting needle gauges is a thing: it’s not just me! I have collected a few since this image was taken….

The two gauges are for sale: $AU40

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