Pates pottery collectibles part II

4 Pates 50s vasesPink & Green Pates vases
made in Australia c.1940-1950

More pink & green speckled Pates pottery- here we have some delightful kitschy vase shapes. Fish and swan in the middle, with a floating flower trough to the front and a posy vase behind. One kitschy vase does not a set make…look how good they look when grouped en masse.

I’ve speculated previously that this pink and green pottery colouring was produced to match a 50s interior- it wasn’t until the 60s that the ‘Australian’ tones of green and brown were seen. I like the hand applied colour glazes- it means despite these vases being turned out in the hundreds- no two were ever the same.

These four vases would make a nice collected set with the three vases posted below. This set is for sale: $AUD110

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4 thoughts on “Pates pottery collectibles part II

  1. Being from across the pond . . . way across. I like to learn about the different types of things you have in Aussie-world. I”d never heard of this pottery. Kitchy cool!!

    • i’m glad my posts are interesting… at least to you! Australia started making our own unique pottery in the 40s- up to then everything was imported from the motherland. it is interesting looking at the designs and colours which were still influenced by international trends but were striving for a unique australian charachter.

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