‘Fresh as Spring’ 70s style

Mikasa 'Fresh as Spring' dinner platesMikasa ‘Fresh as Spring’ dinner plates
made in Japan c 1972

Ah the 70s! When ‘oven to table to dishwasher’ became a mantra! Now you can own retro pieces AND whack ‘em in the dishwasher. Win/win.

This lovely set of six dinner plates in the Light & Lively motif ‘Fresh as Spring’ [sooooooo 70s] is a lovely addition to my Light & Lively creamer and sugar bowl [see post below.] I am fast becoming a Mikasa fan- the shapes and patterns are so modernist that they still look great today. And these stoneware pieces are robust and made to last.

Not that this set has seen much use…it has stayed at the back of a cupboard, being “too good to use”. I think it deserves to be used – everyday. And with the creamer and sugar bowl- you have a pretty funky set.

The six Mikasa plates are for sale: $AUD60

Buy Now

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