Poole ‘Peach Bloom’ tea cups [sold]

Poole Peach Bloom tea cups, made in England 1953

Further to my post [down below] of Poole ‘Blue Moon’ tea cups, here are six beauties in the colourway ‘Peach Bloom and Seagull’ [I’m guessing peach is the cup interior, and seagull the exterior… it’s a lovely mottled grey colour.] This colourway was presented in the early 50s and is denoted on the base of the cups/saucers as ‘C99.’

Poole is well known for its ‘Twintone’ pottery– their expression – a simple, stylish contrast of two colours.

You’ll note these cups have handles, but they are the same, small delicate shape and size as the Blue Moons. You don’t get much tea in them, but they are so elegant – they would make any tea party a sophisticated affair.

For sale: $AUD120

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