Fat lava vase [sold]

Bay, West Germany vaseWest Germany vase,
made in 1960s

Here we have another ‘Fat Lava’ vase- made in West Germany in the 60s. The base of the vase is clearly marked W. Germany, but the markers mark is obscured. I think it’s Bay [short for Bay Keramik] – with its identifying vase number, but it’s illegible.

The outer glaze on the vase is a matt charcoal, with matt white: whereas the orange spirals have a shiny glaze. The interior of the vase is also a contrasting shiny sienna colour.

The vase isn’t very large- see the Batmobile for a scale comparison- but it’s in great vintage condition. It would make a good entry level piece in a Fat Lava collection.

The vase is for sale: $AUD40

40s ceramic coasters

West German ceramic coasters, 1940sWest German coasters
made in 1940s

A fantastic set of ceramic coasters- made in the 40s-depicting in sketchy form the well-known scenes of: Japan, Venice, Spain, Berlin, Paris and Mexico.

Every troupe is here:
Japanese temple & Geisha
Gondola under the Bridge of Sighs
Bull fighting
Brandenburg Gate
Eiffel Tower and cafe
Cactus and guitar playing to Senorita.

The ceramic coasters are in excellent vintage condition and are for sale : $AU60

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The 60s kitchen

Jean kitchen doll furniture [60s]Jean doll kitchen furniture made in West Germany 1960s A fantabulous set of kitchen furniture showcasing the aesthetics and colours of the 60s made by Jean, in what was West Germany. In the kitchen is Moishe- a monster from Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’- published in 1963. Although Moishe’s 60s dating is a good segue- I choose him for his brown and yellow colourings. He was MADE for this kitchen! And he’s clearly enjoying it. Jean made dolls furniture from the 1950s until the late 1980s; as the decades passed so the furniture was updated to reflect the stylistic trends of the day. This furniture is 1/16th scale to fit many of the doll houses produced in the 50s and 60s. All the doors and drawers open out- giving hours of fun- or hours of ironic posturing with a figurine of your choice. The kitchen furniture set is for sale: $AUD35 [Moishe optional] Buy Now