Old school map, Berlin style

Wedding, Berlin 1950s school mapWedding, Berlin school map, c1950

It will not have escaped your notice that I like old school maps. At the flea market in Arkonaplatz we found a whole consignment of them- the schools in question had only recently decided that their 1950 era maps were a little out of date, and they turned up en masse in the flea market.

Wedding is just north of Mitte, where we stayed in Berlin. We visited some of the places shown on the map- which is good for jogging memories now we are back in Sydney. I love the black and white of the map; the 50s font, and the 50s graphics. Yup, I am a sucker for a good retro map.

I haven’t decided where this map will go yet- there are a few walls in contention. The other map I bought, however, has a place already. More in the next post…