Pates posey vase

Pates posey vasePates posey vase
made in Sydney, c 1940s

This posey vase was made by Pates Pottery, which operated out of Belmore, Sydney from 1946 -1990. The deco styling of the vase is deliberate, although it was made much after that period; it seems nostalgia for things past [and styles familiar and remembered] has always influenced pottery makers.

The drip glazes used by Pates were applied by hand, and the vases came in mottled shades of pinks, yellows, and green & brown- indeed it is this mottled glaze that instantly identifies this vase as a Pates vase. The vase is also stamped on the base “Pates Potteries Sydney Australia.”

This lovely green and brown vase is perfect to display wattle – the joey figurine is just along for the ride.

Pates Pottery collectors rejoice: this posey vase is in perfect condition and is for sale: $AUD75

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Yellow bakelite [sold]

Yellow bakelite
made in Australia c.1920s

A lovely bakelite mixing bowl by Eon and a topless ‘Rice’ canister by Marquis. And a couple of a wattle sprigs.

A lovely yellowy, wattley goodness for sale; $AUD65

Carlton Ware Foxglove

Carlton Ware Foxglove sauce boatCarlton Ware ‘foxglove’ sauce boat
made in England, c.1940s

I have written about Carlton Ware ‘salad ware’ previously – I love all the botanical specimens featured in this series- they all have embossed, hand-painted flower patterns. This sauce boat has a green ground- it also came in yellow and peach- and it has a matching green saucer with embossed leaves. The foxglove sauce boat is pattern number 1897.

I’ve teamed the sauce boat with some wattle flowers- a bit of a mixed-metaphor botanically speaking, but pleasing to look at none-the-less. The sauce boat can be used – as a sauce boat- or a jug or – more interestingly- as an impromptu vase.

The sauce boat is in good condition [no chips, cracks or crazing] and is for sale: $AUD45

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50s costume jewellery

50s costume jewellery, made in Australia

One of my earliest memories is of my mother’s dark green earrings. To this day, I love green jewellery- especially costume jewellery of a certain vintage.

This necklace and earrings are displayed on a Diana plate [may have mentioned Diana in a few posts, below…] I love botanical images and this wattle plate is a favourite; its colours and vintage accord well with the jewellery. All the jewellery features ‘pearlescence’ – fake pearl-i-ness [I’m not making this up!]- a particularly glamorous invention of the 50s. I especially love the clasp on the necklace – it looks like two earrings on either side of the clasp. Such attention to detail, even when often the clasp was not always seen under a ladies’ 50s bouffant.

The middle pair of [‘grape drop’, olive-green] earrings are screw-on, whilst the other two pairs are clip-ons. The green round earrings are similar in colour/tone to the necklace, although I purchased them separately and they are not a set. However, since every second bead is spherical, I think one could get away with wearing the necklace and the round earrings as an ensemble. The white pearlescence earrings round out a nice little set.

If you buy this set, you must totally send me a photo of you wearing/modelling it!     For sale: $AUD80

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