40s pudding bowls [sold]

Fowler Pudding BowlsFowler Ware pudding bowls
made in Australia, c.1940s

I have posted Fowler Ware pudding bowls before; I do love them [and not just because they are good for making christmas puddings!]- the colours are fantastic and they look great in the kitchen holding fruit, eggs and take-away menus.

A complete set of 5 pudding bowls were made to be ‘nested’ and were always different colours. The three on display here represent the middle three sizes: the smallest and the largest bowls are missing. All three bowls are stamped with Fowler Ware Australia – and the colours, though made in the 40s presaged the 50s.

Three assorted sized bowls: yellow, green, crimson.  For sale : $AUD60