Fafix slide projector

Fafix slide projector
made in Germany, c.1950s

This is a beautiful bakelite slide projector. I love the funky “Z” logo! –which is an unusual choice for a company called Fafix. The projector wants to be out on display: with its outer case removed, it’s like looking at a cross-section of a simple 50s machine.

The projector is missing its two-pronged electrical cable, so I haven’t been able to test it, but these are easily picked up. It has a 50 watt lamp and a detachable slide mount [not seen in images.]It comes with its original instruction booklet, and someone along its life has made it a nice timber box.

This projector ticks all the boxes for me: it’s simply constructed, photographic, and made of bakelite.     For sale: $AUD75

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