Old school map ; New South Wales [sold]

Modern Teaching Map No 112
Chas H. Scally & Co. 8th Ed, c.1950s

A lovely old map from a primary school in the Blue Mountains, this map shows New South Wales and the Snowy Mountains Scheme in the 1950s.

The Snowy Mountains Scheme map [commenced in 1949- a revolutionary hydro-electric project] indicates roads, tunnels and power stations on the legend. Meanwhile, NSW is described by railways, highways, shipping routes, towns connected by air with Sydney & Melbourne, irrigation areas and irrigation districts. Yep, in the 50s irrigation was important stuff.

The map is in great condition: the colours and finish of the map are superb. I have seen similar maps- albeit of later editions in antique shops – for a WHOLE lot of money; but this map needs to be seem and displayed so I have priced it to sell.

The map of NSW c.1950 is for sale: $AUD175

Styling with vintage vases

vintage Newtone vases

Newtone vases, made in Sydney Australia 1920-1930s

Here is a collection of my partner Trish’s vases. She collects vintage Australiana while I collect kitschy Australiana. And I totally agree that 20s ceramics – with that art deco styling- are fantastic. Newtone experimented with aspects of ‘Australian’ colours- if not forms- earlier than most Sydney potters. This is serious art pottery- none of your whimsical, populist, mass-produced stuff.

These three vases are styled with a range of Australian flowers. And fruit for healthiness. And a vintage map. I think Trish will approve. I never know until she reads my blog posts- at the same time you do!

Old school map [sold]

Vintage Australian school map [North America]Old school map
#119 North America, made in Sydney Australia, c.1940s

An old school map in both senses of the phrase. It came from an old school, and it is old school. It has a beaver in the legend to indicate areas of fur production. Under industries, it lists asbestos. Very, very old school!

This map was printed by John Sands, published by a certain Chas. H. Scally & Co, in Boronia Avenue, Wollstonecraft, NSW, Sydney. It’s entitled: North America, Physical and Production Map.

The map is in excellent condition. The colours, the beavers, the asbestos symbol [a graphic of a heap of the raw product! what were they thinking?] all in their original technicolor glory.

The map hangs over our entrance table- complete with phone, ipad and retro vases. With the timber dowel pieces top and bottom, it complements the timber table nicely.

For sale: $AUD175 [other items not included!]