Donald Clark #upcycled cushions [sold]

Donald Clark upcycled cushions, 1960sDonald Clark upcycled cushion covers
made in Australia 1960s

I recently celebrated two Donald Clark wall hangings – ‘Lotus’ and ‘Paddington Terraces’. I had only just posted the images when both hangings were snapped up.

These are a pair of cushion covers I upcycled from another Donald Clark hanging. Clark’s signature is on the bottom right of the right hand cushion. You can see the left cushion once sat above the top of the right cushion- forming a 60s flower posy.

Donald Clark was really two brothers, Robert and Bruce Clark who started producing screen-printed linen items in 1952 in Sydney. The company is still in production, now managed by Liz Clark [Robert’s daughter] and mostly involved with re-issuing original designs.

Clark’s work- usually on linen, and always featuring bold, abstract images in great 50s and 60s colours- is now very collectable. A lot of the works were on linen teatowels, which makes me think that people were influenced by great art in the household context – and now grew nostalgic for the art they remember when drying up!

I love the graphic quality of the images – really very bold for Australia in the 50s and 60s. I used vintage linen for the backs of the covers – in a green that complements the brilliant colours of the design.

These upcycled cushion covers: $AU50/pair