50s School Readers

Longmans Colour Geographies [GB. 1956]Longmans Colour Geographies
printed in Great Britain, 1956

Units 1 to 5 of the Longmans Colour Geographies, these are school readers from the 50s.

Unit 1- Coasts of Britain
Unit 2- Farms of Britain
Unit 3- Towns of Britain
Unit 4- Industry in Britain
Unit 5 – London.

Made and printed in Britain by William Clowes and Sons, Ltd; these readers show signs of water damage and sticky pages. But the text! and the illustrations! All fascinating.

The readers would make a great art project- or – are simply collectible as a snap-shot of English education in the 50s. The images alone are worth framing- quintessential 50s illustrative descriptions of an England that was.

The readers set is for sale: $AU40

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Vintage children’s readers [sold]

vintage children's readersVintage children’s readers
made in Australia 1956- 1961

Who remembers reading Gay Days? at school? Or the imaginatively titled Stories to Read? How about At the Farm? Practically everyone I know remembers Dick and Jane. Those strangely dressed children, with stilted speech patterns. Mind you, the parents spoke with a limited vocabulary too:
“Now I must buy a present,” said Father.
“Here is a little horse,” said Ken.
“Pamela could sit on it and we could rock her.”
“Yes, Mother and I will give her that horse. We will take it home with us.” [Gay Days, 1961 p.14]

Vintage children’s books are now very collectible- I think it’s due to nostalgia for printed media now that e-books are popular. And the fact that these stilted storied are buried deep in our subconscious. I can remember the stories as if they were yesterday!

This set comprises 6 books:

3 hardbacks:   Open Road to Reading [1956]
Travelling On [Yellow cover]
Travelling On [Blue cover]
3 softbacks:    At the Farm [1950s]
Stories to Read
Gay Days [1961]

All the books’ covers show some wear and tear, but the interiors are in good condition.  For sale: $AUD90