Styling with vintage vases

vintage Newtone vases

Newtone vases, made in Sydney Australia 1920-1930s

Here is a collection of my partner Trish’s vases. She collects vintage Australiana while I collect kitschy Australiana. And I totally agree that 20s ceramics – with that art deco styling- are fantastic. Newtone experimented with aspects of ‘Australian’ colours- if not forms- earlier than most Sydney potters. This is serious art pottery- none of your whimsical, populist, mass-produced stuff.

These three vases are styled with a range of Australian flowers. And fruit for healthiness. And a vintage map. I think Trish will approve. I never know until she reads my blog posts- at the same time you do!

Remued art pottery [sold]

Australian pottery, RemuedRemued pottery vases
made in Melbourne, 1930s

Still in the land of Oz and celebrating Australiana art pottery with this collection from Remued. Remued was produced by Premier Pottery, in Melbourne- operating from 1929-1955.

Premier Pottery was always a decorative pottery- it has the distinction in Australia of never having operated as an industrial pottery. Remued pottery- which is now extremely collectible- is art ware, and considered a high point in Australian decorative pottery. See for more information.

The colourful drip glazes and free flowing lines of Remued pieces hark back to the arts and crafts and art-nouveaux periods, seen through an Australian lens of the late 1920s and early 30s. The pieces were all hand moulded and all bear the distinctive hand-rendered ‘Remued’ signature on the base. All four pieces are in excellent condition.

This set is for sale: $AUD180

Art Deco Vases

Newtone vasesStyling with art deco vases

From the sublime to the ridiculous [which is a phrase that I use more often than is considered necessary] – here is a selection of my partner’s Newtone art deco vases.

While I collect – and love- kitschy Australiana from the 40s to the 60s, my lovely partner has much more refined sensibilities and loves and collects Australian pottery from the 20s- 40s. Here is a small sample from her collection.

Newtone pottery was produced by Bakewells, in Erskineville- very close to where we now live. Bakewells started production in 1884 and like so many potteries, moved from making bricks and pipes to domestic wares in the early part of the twentieth century. By the 1920s, Newtone was manufacturing vases [‘exclusive ware’] and domestic ware [pudding bowls – ok, I admit it, I have a few…]

These vases showcase the green and brown colourings and art deco shapes and vase sizes. They look gorgeous amassed together. And look terrific holding flowers!

Vintage Australian vases

Vintage Australian potteryAustralian pottery
1930s – 1950s

Bendigo Pottery, Regal Mashman, and a vase by Clarice. A fantastic selection of vintage Australian pottery.

The asymmetrical vase on the far left and the double-handled ‘urn’ vase were both produced by Bendigo Pottery, Australia’s oldest working pottery [established in the 1850s.] The asymmetrical vase is typical of the 30s, while the larger blue urn vase was made in the 50s.

The green drip vase to the centre front is signed by hand ‘Clarice 1939’. It would be nice to think this might have been made by Clarice Cliff [certainly the date is of the right period, and Clarice Cliff made plainer coloured vases earlier in her career] but I think this is an Australian piece from 1939.

The matching pair of vases to the right are by Regal Mashman, a pottery that operated out of Chatswood, Sydney in the 1930s. These vases are also drip glazed, where the final glaze is a contrast to the first glaze.

The five vases are a nice ensemble – and are also excellent for holding flowers!  For sale: $AUD155

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