Crystal Craft – gingham style [sold]

Crystal Craft spoon rest
made in Australia 1960s

Crystal Craft has become uber trendy for collectors: it is a resin-covered fabric that originated in Queensland in the 70s. This is a super 70s spoon rest- just look at the resin form and fabulous gingham pattern!

I can’t quite come at the passion some collectors have for Crystal Craft [being a child of the 70s and having had to live with it growing up] but younger collectors than I love it. I do like the gingham- and am devotee of this neat checkerboard design.

I have teamed the spoon rest with a Pyrex container of the same period, and an old bulb. The bulb is just for styling but the Pyrex container is available- I have collected this blue and a fabulous avocado green.

The gingham spoon rest is for sale: $AU12

Fun Ho!

Fun Ho! road roller
made in New Zealand 1972

What a great name for a toy: Fun Ho! These diecast models [called “midget scale”] were made in New Zealand to take on Dinky and Matchbox diecast toys.

This road roller is #37, and is in great vintage condition [note that it hasn’t been repainted – a fate suffered by a lot of diecast toys.] On Ebay, these models, sans box, sell for around $30.

Diecast toys are very collectable – particularly industrial vehicles and caravans; so this road roller is pretty cool. I like the bright orange colour, so- naturally- I teamed it with an actual orange [for scale purposes, you understand.]

The road roller is for sale: $AU20
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Retro stationery

Vintage pencil sharpenersNovelty pencil sharpeners,
made in Hong Kong 1970s

I LOVE retro stationery [because I used it as a youngster, you understand. This explains everything.]

So – here we have a world globe pencil sharpener [which rotates on it’s axis] but it’s kinda inaccurate when you look at- you know- the world…but what do you want from a 70s pencil sharpener? Geographic accuracy? It’s a pencil sharpener!

Next up a pair of swan sharpeners. The pencil goes in where the sun don’t shine. Enough said.

And my favourite- a perpetual calendar- with three moveable wheels for the day, date and month. I’ve set it for my actual birth date- as you do.

The globe comes in it’s original box [no 7204] and the date indicator also [MW, no 153]- whereas the swans do not.

And in the background – a Globite square school case, which is rusted and old and creaky and half broken. I love it. I have been instructed to lose it- but – it’s square, and rusted and half broken. I can’t.

The swan sharpeners and the perpetual calendar sharpener are for sale: $AUD20 each

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70s australiana kitchenalia

Hanstan spice jars & Terra Ceramics Leaf PlateHanstan ceramic spice jars, made in Victoria, Australia c. 1970s
Terra Ceramics leaf plate, made in Australia c.1970

I love the funky 70s font of the spice names on these ceramic jars: Ginger, Allspice and Cloves. Originally the set would have been five [including Nutmeg and Bay Leaf] – but as you can see on Ebay, two, three or four-in-a-set also proliferate.

Hanstan pottery was a collaboration between Hans Wright and Stan Burrage – hence Hanstan- that started in Victoria in 1962. The pottery continued to make domestic ware pottery well into the 1980s. Since the spice names were hand-incised, no two are the same. I like to think that the ‘G’ in Ginger went off the edge because the maker was totally channeling the 70s when s/he was making/smoking it.

The white slip glaze, with a textured brown lower half jars were a staple of the 70s. The white upper-part also came in a lurid orange [hence the ubiquitous mission brown/orange combination] but I like this set better. And the large cork stoppers –still in good air-tight-working condition- are also mission brown.

The Terra Ceramics leaf plate was designed to serve three different condiments at a party. The leaf shape is quintessentially [although also abstractly] Australian. By the 70s we figured out that Australiana stuff sold and could hold its own against UK and USA imports. Thereon gum leaf-shapes- so ‘asymmetrical’  abounded.

For the perfect 70s kitchen collection, this set is for sale: $AUD85

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