Upcycled stool

Upcycled 50s stoolUpcycled 50s stool made in Australia Following from my last post, here is an upcycled stool by Trish. Like the garden tables, the stool has had the original paint finish removed, anti-rust and two new coats of matt black enamel paint applied; and new rubber feet installed. The crappy timber top has been replaced with a new laminated timber seat; very crisp and very modern! The timber has had several coats of polyurethane to seal/waterproof it. The stool is now so groovy you could use it as a table or a stool. Or a piece of industrial sculpture. I’m thinking now I should have styled it with a vase of flowers on top. The upcycled stool is for sale: $AUD125 – or email me to look at Trish’s entire range of upcycled 50s furniture. Buy Now