Old school map

'Village form' old school map‘Village form’ school map, 1950s
made in Germany

Ok, ok, enough with the school maps already! But I do love this town planning one. That’s totally a subject that should be taught in school. Far too late to be teaching it at university- children should understand urban form from an early age. Imagine the cities we’d be living in if that was the case.

Dorfformen translates as ‘village form’ and here we see three forms in plan view and perspective. Google translate gives no clue as to the meaning of angerdorf, waldhfendorf or rundling- but really do we need one? The drawings are self-explanatory.

I bought this old school map at a Berlin flea market ; it now graces my drawing office. The colours and forms are so conducive to thinking about design. All drawing should be this good.