Cash Register

Aster Cash Register tin plate toyAster Cash Register tin plate toy
made in Japan, 1950s

How crazy are tin plate toys now? The world of vintage is replete with fake and newly repro tin plate toys [in nice new boxes, with nice new graphics.] Only – really- how very neat, and how very nice.

Here is a lovely authentic tin plate toy from the 50s. A cash register. Who didn’t want their own cash register growing up? I know I did.

It’s authentic because: it is missing the top 4 knobs [for L1, 10s, 5s, 2s]- one pound, and 2 – 10 shillings. You can still use the keys to ring up a sale: it’s just the green knobs are missing.

And the register box is missing a corner- but the bell still rings when you hit ‘Push’. How satisfying. Ring up a sale, and push ‘Push’.  If only there was real [fake] money in the two drawers.

The cash register is for sale: $AU95

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