Cassette tapes

Unused TEAC C90 cassette tapesTEAC C90 cassette tapes
made in Australia 1970s

This collection is a ‘new’ box of ten TEAC cassette tapes- all still individually wrapped in cellophane. I bought the box of cassettes for the wonderful graphics on the box itself and the cassettes. I had no idea of the amount of interest in unused cassettes- there are entire websites devoted to the history, collection and idolisation of cassette tapes!

TEAC is the Tokyo Electro Acoustic Company; it started production in 1956 in Tokyo, and in 1978 an Australian arm of the company commenced. TEAC is still producing audio equipment and tapes [now magnetic tape] in a number of countries.

Each tape runs for 90 minutes [hence the C90] – so now all you need is a TEAC cassette recorder/player. I’m looking out for one too.

The box of cassettes is for sale: $AUD25

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