Barometer [sold]

60s barometer,
made in Tasmania, Australia

This is a fabulous wall barometer- and temperature gauge- made from blackwood timber, in the shape of Tasmania.

The barometer was a wedding gift to a couple in the 60s – and has faithfully recorded the air pressure [barometer] and air temperature [thermometer] since then. I particularly like the fonts used for the barometer – it is very old school, where each condition has its own curlicue lettering: ‘stormy, rain, change, fair, very dry.’ That last one is -of course- referring to wit.

In excellent working order, and ready to hang, the barometer is for sale: $AU45

McCredie planter [sold]

McCredie planterMcCredie planter
made in Sydney, Australia c 1940s

Nell McCredie was an Australian architect- before she started her own art pottery fabrication. This is a very early planter – it is clearly experimental as it’s noted on the base: “Not much green”- I think Nell was experimenting with drip glazes with this piece. Most of McCredie’s work is monochrome- which also marks this out as a very early, experimental piece. And- it has a very different ‘McCredie Ware’ makers mark on the base- not the more common “McCredie NSW’ that is on all her later work.

The planter is for sale: price upon application

50s Australiana- flora & fauna

Upcycled cushions [retro Australian linens]Upcycled cushions
made from vintage Australian linen

My partner recently found a batch of vintage Australian tea towels, all linen and all unused. I love the graphic qualities of the images- and the strong colours – and decided to make square cushion covers from them.

This set is features Australian flora and fauna- circa 1950s. The first two cushions feature Tasmania and its various flora, and the last two cushions are Australia-wide flora and fauna [which have now sold.]

The backs of the cushions are either upcycled linen or new linen, in plain colours to suit the images. I salvaged the upcycled linen from 50s and 60s tablecloths- and finished the openings with vintage bindings. It’s nice to be able to use some of my vintage sewing stash…so it can be considered less a collection and more a necessity!

The cushions are sized to take a 400 x 400mm insert [15.7 x 15.7 inches.] They are fully washable and would make great gifts- especially if the State or images featured has a particular association for someone. I have thirty cushions made- and they can be grouped in 2s or 4s- email me if you’d like to peruse the ‘collection’.

The Tasmanian cushion covers – first two- are for sale: $AUD40

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