SylvaC lamb

SlyvaC lamb
made in England, 1940s

I have collected a few SylvaC figurines and plates, jugs & mugs over the years. This lovely lamb [#1659] complements the fawn-coloured terrier figurine posted just recently. I also have a SylvaC ‘Scaredy Cat’ figurine. Like many SylvaC figurines, the lamb came in the limited colourway of fawn, green and cream. [OK- i agree – it’s beige. It’s SylvaC’s description, not mine.]

SylvaC  is highly collectible, and according to figurines are commanding quite high prices.

I bought all my figurines for styling purposes, so decided to pose the lamb with a styling item of its own: this toy tug boat, which is roughly the same vintage as the figurine, and with a complementary colouring. I posted it on Instagram, and of course- sod’s law- the toy tug boat was immediately bought!

So – the SylvaC lamb is for sale: $AU25

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SylvaC terrier dog
made in England 1960-1979

An exciting find! I often buy small figurines to ‘style’ my photos- to provide scale and context.

I picked up this terrier figurine; and then when researching it to add to my post discovered it is by SylvaC, model 1378. As I have collected, and showcased SylvaC figurines before, I was intrigued.

The post was supposed to showcase the Gambit Ware ‘Mulga’ leaf pate, by Ceramique: an early melamine material that was developed in Australia to revolutionise ceramic – it would ‘never chip or break.’ I have collected a whole of Gambit Ware – because I am a landscape architect, interested in Australian flora- and have collected every piece I have come across.

The stylised plates came in simple pastel colours, but are quite botanically detailed- they include wattle, banksia, kurrajong, acacia leaves- to name a few. The simple colouring meant that each leaf shape was reproduced in six colours- so one could buy a set of six ‘for display OR kitchen purposes’!

So- what to showcase? The SylvaC terrier or the Gambit Ware Mulga plate?

The SylvaC terrier is for sale: $AU25

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SylvaC Scaredy Cat

SylvaC Scaredy Cat #1046SylvaC Scaredy Cat, #1046
made in England 1940s

This is an interesting piece – I have seen many 50s and 60s Australian ‘Scaredy Cat’ tourist pieces which borrow from SylvaC’s original scaredy cat made in the 40s.

And – this Scaredy Cat is an unusual colour- every other one I’ve seen has been the muted brown or green so common to SylvaCs animal figurines. Turns out that this has probably been repaired- and to hide the repair – been repainted. This was apparently quite a common practice in the 40s and 50s.

The impressed SylvaC number 1046 can still be seen on the underside of the figurine; but the colouring and the painted eyes [green] are a give-away that the cat was repaired and then repainted at some time. It’s impossible to find where the repair is – so the repainting seems to have done the trick.

I’m unsure as to the value of the Scaredy Cat – and so offer it as it is – AF [As Found] – a curio of sorts.

Pickled Onion jar

Retro pickled onion jarPickled onion jar
made in Japan 1960s

You may have seen a SlyvaC crying onion jar- they were first made in the 50s. These jars and now very collectible [as is anything SlyvaC.] This is a Japanese knock-off, made in the 60s- albeit with a different crying onion face and inscribed ‘pickled onions’.

I bought the jar hoping my sister- who is a dab hand at making pickled onions – a MUST for Christmas, would obliging fill the jar with said pickled onions for me. Alas she refused. Not only will she be away and so unable to make any condiments- she also expressed her disdain for the jar. Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious?

And so- without any hope of having homemade pickled onions this Christmas- I offer the jar for sale. It would be a fantastic Christmas gift for anyone who actually can and will make pickled onions to go with the Christmas ham. It’s in good condition and for sale for $AUD35

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SylvaC cider barrel jug and mugs

SylvaC cider barrel jug & mugsSylvaC barrel jug & mugs
made in England 1950s

The jug in this set is called a ‘cider barrel’ jug; and it comes with two matching barrel mugs. The jug is #1435 and the mugs are #1436; the set also came in pastel green, orange, pink, baby blue and dark green.

SylvaC is highly collectible, and according to the jug sells for $50-$100, while the mugs are worth $20 each. This set is in good condition; the jug has some crazing to the exterior but is still good for serving and the drinking of cider!

Each piece has the full SylvaC backstamp. And the set is for sale: $AUD90

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