Pates swan vases [sold]

Pates swan & bud vasesPates swan & posy vases
made in Sydney, Australia c1950s

I told you I liked 50s swans! Following from my last Pates post, here are two small swan vases, and a posy vase.

The swan on the left is similar to the large swan planter of the previous post- drip- glazed in 50s pinks & crimsons. The swan vase on the right is identical in shape but has a pastel pink and textured over-glaze. I’m not sure which one I like best- but that textured swan is surely the kitschiest.

The posy vase came in a number of sizes; this being the smallest. It’s also pastel pink, with a clear glaze finish to both the exterior and interior: the interior showing the clay colouring to its best advantage. Meanwhile the two swans have the same internal colourings as their exterior.

And there you have it- the ABC of 50s glazed ware; the shape, the colour, the texture, and the contrast. The three vases are for sale: $AUD75